làm cho bài đăng này được yêu thích Pears Passion English (Xian China) ẩn bài đăng này hiện


loại việc làm: toàn thời gian
lương thưởng: 12000-16000 rmb

Details of Position
We are looking for full time TRAINING SCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN teachers who are passionate about Young learners education.


Job Description:
- Work 5 days with 2 days off per week
- Have full training and support in lesson planning and materials-making
- Will have a Chinese co-teacher to help manage children's behaviour
- Get to work alongside a motivated and inspirational team

Our training school:
- We are located on the third floor of INCITY shopping mall
- We teach mainly 3-6 year olds
- Class sizes have a max. of 12 students per class
- Classes last for 1 hour
- All classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards
- We have an extensive resource of teaching materials which include songs, videos, toys and flash cards and syllabus to follow
- We have weekly Fun stuff activities where the children learn about other cultures and traditions and get to make cool crafts
- We throw staff and kids birthday parties each month
- We have an end of year Gala party for our staff, our students and their families


Job description:
- Work 5 days a week Monday - Friday
- No weekend work
- Teach up to 25 children in a class
- Have full training and support in lesson planning and materials-making
- Will have 3 Chinese co-teachers in the classroom to help with classroom management
- Get to work alongside a motivated and inspirational team

Our Kindergarten:
The Kindergarten is situated in a beautiful part of Xian called Qujiang, next to the lake and close to Tang Paradise. The kindergarten is equipped with state of the art facilities including interactive white boards, a kiddie crossfit gym, tree top reading zones, 3 outdoor playgrounds, a basketball court, swimming pool and sand pit etc. The school has its own onsite chef and doctor. It is the most modern designed kindergarten in Xian. Qujiang is the greenest area in Xian has some of the highest quality accommodation and shopping malls the city has to offer.


Xian has a tremendous historical heritage dating back more than 3000 years. It was once the ancient capital to 13 dynasties and the hub of Silk Road trading. History lover or not, you will appreciate the ancient beauty this city radiates. From pagodas, temples and museums to the wondrous Terracotta Warrior Army, there are many awe-inspiring relics and ruins left behind for you to explore and learn about.
Xian is a city than never feels too big and has a perfect mix of old and new. An hours drive away you can go trekking in Huashan mountains or simply relax at one of the hot springs. The natural beauty of this country is breathtaking.

As far as food goes, Xianese cuisine is incredibly varied and some of the best in the whole of China. Eating is a massive part of Chinese culture and you will have the opportunity to understand their customs and traditions. It is a spectacular learning curve and a journey into a different world. Many new challenges, flavours and delights await you!

As I said earlier, Xian is a mix of old and new. Everything can be paid for using your phone here. WeChat and Alipay are the main apps to use. Even an old man on the street, selling honey comb from his dusty bicycle will accept Alipay on his smart phone.

Xian has a marvellous transport system that is incredibly cheap and convenient. A lot of foreigners have their own e-bikes, scooters or motorbikes. Hop on the back of a scooter taxi for a real ride!

There is an increasingly popular international scene and social network in Xian. The Xianese magazine has a monthly edition which can be found in most cafes and bars. It lists everything you can do in the city with names and addresses of where to eat, where to party, where to go to get your hair cut, teeth done, info on international schools for your kids and where to find salsa and yoga classes and much more. There's plenty of cool bars, restaurants and clubs to wet your apetite. The nightlife here is awesome, check it out!
- Passport holders from USA, UK, SA, EU, NZ, Canada, Australia, Ireland etc. (visa requirement purposes)
- A Bachelors Degree
- A TEFL certification (min)
- Ability to provide a clear background check
- Ability to live and work in China for 1 year or more

Additional qualities just as important:
- Have a love for children
- Wanting to develop as a teacher
- Looking for career growth in China
- Have a positive outlook on life
- Be compassionate and understanding of other people and cultures
- IT skills preferred

WeChat- Mrjsquad
Email- hiện t.tin l.hệ
Phone: hiện t.tin l.hệ
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